Nobutaka Takara

List of John Benjamins publications for which Nobutaka Takara plays a role.


This paper investigates the weight of head nouns in noun-modifying constructions (NMCs) in conversational Japanese. In my data about 70% of head nouns are ‘light’, 20% of the nouns are ‘heavy’, and the remaining is in a ‘gray zone.’ As a close observation of NMCs reveals the issues of two-way… read more | Article
Gordon, Matthew, Carmen Jany, Carlos Nash and Nobutaka Takara 2010 Syllable structure and extrametricality: A typological and phonetic studyStudies in Language 34:1, pp. 131–166
This paper proposes a functional basis for final consonant extrametricality, the asymmetric status of CVC syllables as stress-attracting in non-final position of a word but stress-rejecting in final position. A typological study of phonemic vowel length pattern in 10 languages with this final vs.… read more | Article