Gisbert Fanselow

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The Parametrization of Universal Grammar

Edited by Gisbert Fanselow

[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 8] 1993. xvii, 232 pp.
Subjects Generative linguistics | Theoretical linguistics


Skopeteas, Stavros and Gisbert Fanselow. 2010. Focus types and argument asymmetries: A cross-linguistic study in language production. Comparative and Contrastive Studies of Information Structure, Breul, Carsten and Edward Göbbel (eds.), pp. 169–198
The effects of focus on syntax differ across languages: some languages encode focus in situ, while in other languages focus induces an array of constructions that deviate from the canonical configuration, such as non-canonical orders or clefts. This article presents semi-spontaneously produced data… read more | Article
Fanselow, Gisbert. 2009. Bootstrapping verb movement and the clausal architecture of German (and other languages). Advances in Comparative Germanic Syntax, Alexiadou, Artemis, Jorge Hankamer, Thomas McFadden, Justin Nuger and Florian Schäfer (eds.), pp. 85–118
In the mainstream analysis of verb second clauses, the finite verb moves to Comp or one of the various heads present in the cartographic approach to CP. We show that such analyses are not satisfactory empirically, and cannot even be formulated within minimalist syntax. Verb movement – and head… read more | Article
Fanselow, Gisbert, Reinhold Kliegl and Matthias Schlesewsky. 2005. Syntactic variation in German wh-questions: Empirical investigations of weak crossover violations and long wh-movement. Linguistic Variation Yearbook 2005, Pica, Pierre, Johan Rooryck and Jeroen van Craenenbroeck (eds.), pp. 37–63
This paper reports three experiments concerning variation in the grammar of German wh-questions. We found much variation but no clear dialects in the acceptability ratings of sentences violating the weak crossover condition. We attribute this variation to extra-grammatical factors. With a sentence… read more | Article
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