Isabel Hub Faria

List of John Benjamins publications for which Isabel Hub Faria plays a role.


Kail, Michèle, Armanda Costa and Isabel Hub Faria 2010 Chapter 10. On-line grammaticality judgments: A comparative study of French and PortugueseLanguage Acquisition across Linguistic and Cognitive Systems, Kail, Michèle and Maya Hickmann † (eds.), pp. 179–203 | Article
Online sentence processing in children is still an emerging field. This crosslinguistic study examined the on-line sentence processing in a grammaticality judgment experiment. In each language (French, Portuguese) three age groups of children (6–7 year-olds, 8–9 year-olds and 10–11 year-olds) and a… read more
Faria, Isabel Hub 1978 Modificateurs verbauxXIV Congresso Internationale di Linguistica e Filologia Romanza: Napoli, 15–20 Aprile 1974. ATTI, Varvaro, Alberto (ed.), pp. III-473–III-476 | Article