Elisabeth Miche

List of John Benjamins publications for which Elisabeth Miche plays a role.


Miche, Elisabeth 2018 Chapter 5. Evidentiality, deonticity and intensification in Internet forum languagePerspectives on Evidentiality in Spanish: Explorations across genres, Figueras Bates, Carolina and Adrián Cabedo (eds.), pp. 107–124 | Chapter
We analyze the Spanish verbal periphrases tienes que + infinitive and debes + infini-tive [you have to + infinitive and you should + infinitive], with a deontic meaning, in an Internet forum. These verbal forms are used to give advice to other Internet users. After analyzing their functions, we… read more
Miche, Elisabeth and Clara Ubaldina Lorda 2014 Probability and certainty markers in French and in Spanish (sans doute / sin duda)Certainty and Uncertainty in Dialogue, Zuczkowski, Andrzej (ed.), pp. 42–57 | Article
In this article, we analyse the modal forms sans doute and sin duda. (lit. without doubts or undoubtedly). Despite their formal similarity, they do not always represent the same degree of certainty in French and Spanish. After a detailed analysis of their use in both languages, our conclusions show… read more