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A Taste for Corpora: In honour of Sylviane Granger

Edited by Fanny Meunier, Sylvie De Cock, Gaëtanelle Gilquin and Magali Paquot

[Studies in Corpus Linguistics, 45] 2011. xv, 295 pp.
Subjects Corpus linguistics | Theoretical linguistics


Paquot, Magali, Dana Gablasova, Vaclav Brezina and Hubert Naets 2022 Phraseological complexity in EFL learners’ spoken production across proficiency levelsComplexity, Accuracy and Fluency in Learner Corpus Research, Leńko-Szymańska, Agnieszka and Sandra Götz (eds.), pp. 115–136
This study explores phraseological complexity in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) learners’ spoken production across proficiency levels in the Trinity Lancaster Corpus. Phraseological diversity and sophistication are operationalized as root type-token ratios and median mutual information… read more | Chapter
Larsson, Tove, Magali Paquot and Douglas Biber 2021 Chapter 9. On the importance of register in learner writing: A multi-dimensional approachCorpus-based Approaches to Register Variation, Seoane, Elena and Douglas Biber (eds.), pp. 235–258
The present study explores the relative importance of register in learner writing vis-à-vis learner-internal factors such as first-language background. Using multi-dimensional analysis, the study looks at learner and native-speaker student writing from two registers (argumentative essays and… read more | Chapter
This study partially replicates Paquot’s (2018, 2019) study of phraseological complexity in L2 English by investigating how phraseological complexity compares across proficiency levels as well as how phraseological complexity measures relate to lexical, syntactic and morphological complexity… read more | Article
In Learner Corpus Research (LCR), a common source of errors stems from manual coding and annotation of linguistic features. To estimate the amount of error present in a coded dataset, coefficients of inter-rater reliability are used. However, despite the importance of reliability and internal… read more | Article
Larsson, Tove, Marcus Callies, Hilde Hasselgård, Natalia Judith Laso, Sanne van Vuuren, Isabel Verdaguer and Magali Paquot 2020 Adverb placement in EFL academic writing: Going beyond syntactic transferInternational Journal of Corpus Linguistics 25:2, pp. 156–185
The present study looks at adverb placement in expert writing and in first-language and second-language novice spoken and written production. The extent to which first-language (L1) transfer is still present in advanced learners’ written production is also investigated. The study uses data from one… read more | Article
This study aims to provide the first empirical assessment of quantitative research methods and study quality in learner corpus research. We systematically review quantitative primary studies referenced in the Learner Corpus Bibliography (LCB), a representative bibliography of learner corpus… read more | Article
Callies, Marcus and Magali Paquot 2015 An interview with Yukio TonoInternational Journal of Learner Corpus Research 1:1, pp. 160–171
Paquot, Magali 2014 Cross-linguistic influence and formulaic language: Recurrent word sequences in French learner writingEUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 14 (2014), Roberts, Leah, Ineke Vedder and Jan H. Hulstijn (eds.), pp. 240–261
This chapter reports on a follow-up study to Paquot (2013) which replicates its methodology to investigate transfer effects on French EFL learners’ use of recurrent word sequences. The study focuses on a large dataset of two- to four-word lexical bundles overrepresented in the French component of… read more | Article
Paquot, Magali 2013 Lexical bundles and L1 transfer effectsNew Frontiers in Learner Corpus Research, Hasko, Victoria (ed.), pp. 391–417
This exploratory study makes use of Jarvis’s (2000) methodological framework to investigate transfer effects on French EFL learners’ use of lexical bundles. The study focuses on 3-word recurrent sequences that include a lexical verb in the French component of the International Corpus of Learner… read more | Article
De Cock, Sylvie, Gaëtanelle Gilquin, Fanny Meunier and Magali Paquot 2011 Putting corpora to good uses: A guided tourA Taste for Corpora: In honour of Sylviane Granger, Meunier, Fanny, Sylvie De Cock, Gaëtanelle Gilquin and Magali Paquot (eds.), pp. 1–6
Gilquin, Gaëtanelle and Magali Paquot 2008 Too chatty: Learner academic writing and register variationEnglish Text Construction 1:1, pp. 41–61
The study reported on in this paper uses corpus data in order to examine how upper-intermediate to advanced EFL learners from a wide range of mother tongue backgrounds perform a number of rhetorical functions particularly prominent in academic discourse, and how this compares with native academic… read more | Article
Granger, Sylviane and Magali Paquot 2008 2. Disentangling the phraseological webPhraseology: An interdisciplinary perspective, Granger, Sylviane and Fanny Meunier (eds.), pp. 27–49
Although phraseology has recently begun to establish itself as a field in its own right, this process is being hindered by two main factors: the highly variable and wide-ranging scope of the field and the vast and confusing terminology associated with it. This chapter tackles these two issues… read more | Article
Paquot, Magali 2008 Exemplification in learner writing: A cross-linguistic perspectivePhraseology in Foreign Language Learning and Teaching, Meunier, Fanny and Sylviane Granger (eds.), pp. 101–119
The aim of the case study reported in this chapter is to examine the potential influence of the mother tongue on learners’ production of both correct and incorrect multi-word units that are typically used to fulfil an important rhetorical function, namely exemplification, in academic writing. The… read more | Article