Miriam Bouzouita

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The Determinants of Diachronic Stability

Edited by Anne Breitbarth, Miriam Bouzouita, Lieven Danckaert and Melissa Farasyn

[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 254] 2019. vi, 294 pp.
Subjects Historical linguistics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology | Theoretical linguistics | Typology

Studies in Historical Ibero-Romance Morpho-Syntax

Edited by Miriam Bouzouita, Ioanna Sitaridou and Enrique Pato

Subjects Historical linguistics | Morphology | Romance linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Bouzouita, Miriam, Anne Breitbarth, Lieven Danckaert and Melissa Farasyn 2019 Chapter 1. The determinants of diachronic stabilityThe Determinants of Diachronic Stability, Breitbarth, Anne, Miriam Bouzouita, Lieven Danckaert and Melissa Farasyn (eds.), pp. 1–10
Bouzouita, Miriam, Ioanna Sitaridou and Enrique Pato 2018 Chapter 1. Some introductory reflectionsStudies in Historical Ibero-Romance Morpho-Syntax, Bouzouita, Miriam, Ioanna Sitaridou and Enrique Pato (eds.), pp. 1–12
It is common in the synchronic literature on Modern Spanish to distinguish so-called Hanging Topic Left Dislocations from Clitic Left Dislocations on the basis of syntactic properties such as the category of the left-dislocate, island sensitivity, the distribution of these structures etc. This… read more | Chapter
Marten, Lutz, Ruth M. Kempson and Miriam Bouzouita 2008 Concepts of structural underspecification in Bantu and RomanceThe Bantu–Romance Connection: A comparative investigation of verbal agreement, DPs, and information structure, De Cat, Cécile and Katherine Demuth (eds.), pp. 3–39
The paper explores parallelisms between Bantu (specifically Otjiherero) and Romance (through Latin and Spanish) with respect to left and right peripheries, and subject and object clitics. The analysis is formulated in Dynamic Syntax (DS, Cann et al. 2005) and centrally involves notions of… read more | Article
Bouzouita, Miriam and Ruth M. Kempson 2006 Clitic Placement in Old and Modern Spanish: A Dynamic AccountCompeting Models of Linguistic Change: Evolution and beyond, Nedergaard Thomsen, Ole (ed.), pp. 253–268