Arianna Bello

List of John Benjamins publications for which Arianna Bello plays a role.


Bello, Arianna, Silvia Stefanini, Pasquale Rinaldi, Daniela Onofrio and Virginia Volterra 2020 Gestural symbolic strategies in children with Down syndromeGesture 19:2/3, pp. 299–334 | Article
In early communicative development, children with Down syndrome (DS) make extensive use of gestures to compensate for articulatory difficulties. Here, we analyzed the symbolic strategies that underlie this gesture production, compared to that used by typically developing children. Using the same… read more
Sansavini, Alessandra, Arianna Bello, AnnaLisa Guarini, Silvia Savini, Silvia Stefanini and Maria Cristina Caselli 2010 Early development of gestures, object-related-actions, word comprehension and word production, and their relationships in Italian infants: A longitudinal studyGesture 10:1, pp. 52–85 | Article
Our study aimed to examine longitudinally early development of gestures, object-actions (short for object-related-actions), word comprehension, and word production and their reciprocal relationships in typically developing infants. Twenty-two monolingual Italian infants were followed monthly from… read more