Gila A. Schauer

List of John Benjamins publications for which Gila A. Schauer plays a role.


This paper reviews research on teaching pragmatics – and more specifically speech acts – to young L2 learners from two perspectives: (1) studies investigating young L2 learners’ pragmatic competence and (2) studies examining the potential of different materials with regard to pragmatics… read more
This semi-longitudinal investigation examines greetings and closings in emails written by German university students in their native and foreign language. The results reveal students’ preference for formal greetings in both English and German. However, the data also suggest that not all students… read more
This study investigates the (in)appropriateness and (im)politeness perceptions of young British and German adults. Data were collected with a questionnaire and individual post-hoc interviews. The questionnaire consisted of 20 authentic events that had been reported by informants of the… read more
Schauer, Gila A. 2010 Study abroad and its effect on speech act performanceSpeech Act Performance: Theoretical, empirical and methodological issues, Martínez-Flor, Alicia and Esther Usó-Juan (eds.), pp. 91–108 | Article
Although the effect of the study abroad environment on foreign language learners’ speech act performance had been underexplored for many years, a number of studies have been published in the last decade that help to shed light on the impact of study abroad sojourns on language learners’ pragmatic… read more
Schauer, Gila A. 2004 May you speak louder maybe? Interlanguage pragmatic development in requestsEUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 4 (2004), Foster-Cohen, Susan H., Michael Sharwood Smith, Antonella Sorace and Mitsuhiko Ota (eds.), pp. 253–273 | Article