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Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology
Subjects Discourse studies | Humor studies | Pragmatics

Representing the Other in European Media Discourses

Edited by Jan Chovanec and Katarzyna Molek-Kozakowska

Subjects Communication Studies | Discourse studies | Pragmatics

Participation in Public and Social Media Interactions

Edited by Marta Dynel and Jan Chovanec

[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 256] 2015. vi, 285 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics


Chovanec, Jan and Villy Tsakona 2023 “The girl is on fire!”: Interactional humour in YouTube comments on the Notre Dame disasterThe Pragmatics of Humour in Interactive Contexts, Linares Bernabéu, Esther (ed.), pp. 87–107 | Chapter
The article deals with online interactional humour in user comments on YouTube. Drawing on an extensive dataset of verbal reactions to a video discussing the (in)appropriateness of joking about the 2019 burning of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, the analysis traces how online commenters… read more
Chovanec, Jan 2018 Chapter 9. Irony as counter positioning: Reader comments on the EU migrant crisisThe Pragmatics of Irony and Banter, Jobert, Manuel and Sandrine Sorlin (eds.), pp. 1–30 | Chapter
This chapter examines how ironic utterances in forums are used for the purpose of collective positioning of the commenting readers in opposition to other groups. Approaching irony as an act of echoic interpretation, the analysis focuses on how readers echo both the representations made by the media… read more
In this paper, I explore the role of laughter in broadcast TV documentary programs. Although the primary design of many TV documentaries is to attend to the smooth transmission of information to the audience, some program formats include components of seemingly unscripted interpersonal interaction… read more
While semanticopragmatic approaches to humor usually view it as stemming from incongruity, many current studies from fields such as discourse analysis, conversation analysis, and pragmatics have moved beyond to underline the significance of other factors defining humor. These factors include the… read more
Chovanec, Jan 2017 Chapter 10. From adverts to letters to the editor: External voicing in early sports match announcementsDiachronic Developments in English News Discourse, Palander-Collin, Minna, Maura Ratia and Irma Taavitsainen (eds.), pp. 175–197 | Chapter
This article deals with external voicing in early news discourse, focusing on how the function of announcing future events was realised in letters to the editor and classified adverts, using data from the British daily newspaper The Times in the late eighteenth and the nineteenth centuries. The… read more
Chovanec, Jan 2017 Chapter 10. The othering of Roma migrants in British and Czech online news discussion forumsRepresenting the Other in European Media Discourses, Chovanec, Jan and Katarzyna Molek-Kozakowska (eds.), pp. 235–258 | Chapter
The article addresses the discursive process of othering in online news discussion forums. It is based on a comparative analysis of data from reader comments in British and Czech online newspapers on the topic of recent Roma immigration to the United Kingdom. Applying the discourse historical and… read more
Molek-Kozakowska, Katarzyna and Jan Chovanec 2017 Media representations of the “other” Europeans: Common themes and points of divergenceRepresenting the Other in European Media Discourses, Chovanec, Jan and Katarzyna Molek-Kozakowska (eds.), pp. 1–22 | Chapter
This introductory chapter explains the rationale and the objectives of the collection focusing on the choices taken to frame the project in a coherent manner despite the apparent diversity of approaches, materials and scopes. First we highlight the role of the national media in European public… read more
Chovanec, Jan 2015 Participant roles and embedded interactions in online sports broadcastsParticipation in Public and Social Media Interactions, Dynel, Marta and Jan Chovanec (eds.), pp. 67–95 | Article
Many communicative events in the media are structurally rather complex, containing several levels on which utterances are produced, mediated and received. The present chapter applies and develops Goffman’s notion of embedded interactions and their participant arrangements by identifying… read more
Chovanec, Jan and Marta Dynel 2015 Researching interactional forms and participant structures in public and social mediaParticipation in Public and Social Media Interactions, Dynel, Marta and Jan Chovanec (eds.), pp. 1–23 | Article
The appearance of sports reporting was among the major developments of nineteenth-century journalism. While sports were only very exceptionally covered in the newspapers during the first half of the century, by the end of the Victorian era a diverse array of sports stories provided staple content… read more
The article extends the application of the mechanisms of conversational humour from everyday conversations to written mass media texts. It argues that such an approach is made possible by the dialogic structure of some texts, despite the lack of spontaneity and authenticity that is found in casual… read more