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There is disagreement as to the formation period of Chabacano, Philippine Creole Spanish. This article examines lexical items that have been claimed to stem from an early period of formation of Chabacano (Jacobs & Parkvall 2020). As a response to these claims, we show with ample dialectological… read more
Fernández, Mauro y Nancy Vázquez-Veiga 2022 Sin noticias del chabacano: Calas en la escena lingüística de Manila (1620–1640)Spanish in Context 19:3, pp. 385–404 | Article
En un artículo reciente se ha argumentado que todas las variedades del chabacano proceden de una inicial, forjada antes de 1640 como instrumento de comunicación interétnica. Tal propuesta incluye un rechazo explícito del argumento ex silentio – utilizado por otros autores para defender una… read more
El chabacano zamboangueño goza de una vitalidad en el ámbito oral que no se corresponde con la escasez de textos publicados en esta lengua criolla. Con todo, en los últimos tiempos están aumentando las prácticas escritas en ámbitos como el sistema escolar, los medios audiovisuales o internet.… read more
Theories about the origin of the Spanish-lexified creoles of the Philippines known as Chabacano have been based on scarce historical samples. This article presents two early Chabacano texts that are more than twenty years older than the ones that have been available so far: ‘La Buyera’, from 1859,… read more
Fernández, Mauro 2012 Nenang, nino, nem n­ão, ni no: Similarities and differencesIbero-Asian Creoles: Comparative Perspectives, Cardoso, Hugo C., Alan N. Baxter and Mário Pinharanda-Nunes (eds.), pp. 205–238 | Article
This article analyses the similarities and differences between four particles of negation in various Ibero-Asian creoles: nenang in Malacca’s Kristang, nem nun in 19th-century Sri Lanka Indo-Portuguese, nino in Ternate Chabacano, and ni no in Zamboanga Chabacano. It also includes a study of the… read more
Vázquez-Veiga, Nancy and Mauro Fernández 2012 Maskin, maski, masque… in the Spanish and Portuguese creoles of Asia: Same particle, same provenance?Ibero-Asian Creoles: Comparative Perspectives, Cardoso, Hugo C., Alan N. Baxter and Mário Pinharanda-Nunes (eds.), pp. 181–204 | Article
While much of the scholarship on the subject of Ibero-Asian pidgins and creoles does contain some mention of the maski/maskin/masque particle, so far no detailed study has been made of the contrasting uses of the form in the different varieties. The prevailing wisdom holds that the particle… read more
Linguistic sttudies of Galician began in the last third of the 18th century with Father Martín Sarmiento (1695–1772). Since the tradition of writing in this language had been interrupted towards the end of the 15th century, its later recovery required certain decisions on what the model for ‘good… read more
This article reviews the history of the term ‘diglossia’, particularly from its first documented use by Rhoidis in 1885 to refer to the Greek linguistic situation, to Ferguson’s 1959 landmark article, in order to reveal its origin and process of circulation. The few authors who have dealt with… read more