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Esperanto – Lingua Franca and Language Community

Sabine Fiedler and Cyril Robert Brosch

[Studies in World Language Problems, 10] 2022. xx, 429 pp.
Subjects Sociolinguistics and Dialectology | Theoretical linguistics


The Erasmus Programme is the flagship of the EU’s academic exchange programmes. Taking as a point of departure that language proficiency is a key factor of a successful stay abroad, this research focuses on exchange students’ language learning and language choices. It draws on data collected… read more | Chapter
Fiedler, Sabine and Agnes Wohlfarth 2018 Language choices and practices of migrants in Germany: An interview studyMediation Strategies, Pym, Anthony (ed.), pp. 267–287
The language uses of twenty migrants in Germany who have English in their language repertoires are investigated through semi-structured interviews and qualitative content analysis. The findings suggest that in occupation-related situations and daily life, these migrants resort to English in… read more | Article
A lingua franca can be a mediation choice for people who do not share a common language. Esperanto, a planned language, functions in this way as the working language in an educational non-governmental organization. The main characteristics of this use are described on the basis of interviews, field… read more | Article
Although planned languages such as Esperanto have achieved only limited success in their attempt to facilitate international communication so far, they have attracted considerable attention in discussions on the language question. This article examines how the topic is treated in recent… read more | Article
Fiedler, Sabine 2015 Gender in a planned language: EsperantoGender Across Languages: Volume 4, Hellinger, Marlis and Heiko Motschenbacher (eds.), pp. 97–123
Native speakers traditionally occupy a special position in foreign language teaching and learning because their language use is norm-providing. In linguistic studies they are crucial as informants because they decide whether an utterance is correct or incorrect. Although Esperanto as a planned… read more | Article
Fiedler, Sabine 2012 Chapter 11. Der Elefant im Raum…: The influence of English on German phraseologyThe Anglicization of European Lexis, Furiassi, Cristiano, Virginia Pulcini and Félix Rodríguez González (eds.), pp. 239–259
English has become the lingua franca of the modern world. The high degree of exposure to English in popular culture and the media speeds up the pace of lexical borrowing. This article deals with the influence of English on German phraseology. It is based on the corpus of the Institut für deutsche… read more | Article
English has spread so widely around the world that its native speakers are now outnumbered by its non-native speakers. Recent publications have shown that the dominance of English has led to severe disadvantages for non-Anglophones. Several options of language policy have been presented to find… read more | Article
The Bologna process aims to create a European Higher Education Area by 2010, in which university studies are comparable and compatible and degrees more transparent. Its priority is the introduction of the three-cycle system Bachelor — Master — Doctorate. At the University of Leipzig a project was… read more | Article
ZUSAMMENFASSUNG Plansprache und Phraseologie: Empirische Untersuchungen Umfassende phraseologische Untersuchungen zum Esperanto auf der Grund-lage detailierter Textanalysen, teilnehmender Beobachtungen sowie von Probandenbefragungen machen sowohl Gemeinsamkeiten als auch Unter-schiede zu… read more | Miscellaneous