Paula Fikkert

List of John Benjamins publications for which Paula Fikkert plays a role.



Linguistics in the Netherlands 2003

Edited by Leonie Cornips and Paula Fikkert

[Linguistics in the Netherlands, 20] 2003. viii, 225 pp.
Subjects Theoretical linguistics

Linguistics in the Netherlands 2002

Edited by Hans Broekhuis and Paula Fikkert

[Linguistics in the Netherlands, 19] 2002. viii, 222 pp.
Subjects Theoretical linguistics


Mudd, Katie, Hannah Lutzenberger, Connie de Vos, Paula Fikkert, Onno A. Crasborn and Bart de Boer 2020 The effect of sociolinguistic factors on variation in the Kata Kolok lexiconMacro and micro-social variation in Asia-Pacific sign languages, Palfreyman, Nick (ed.), pp. 53–88 | Article
Abstract (International Sign) Sign languages can be categorized as shared sign languages or deaf community sign languages, depending on the context in which they emerge. It has been suggested that shared sign languages exhibit more variation in the expression of everyday concepts than deaf… read more
Heuvel, Henk van den, Eric Sanders, Jetske Klatter-Folmer, Roeland van Hout, Paula Fikkert, Anne E. Baker, Jan de Jong, Frank Wijnen and Paul Trilsbeek 2014 Data curation for a VALID Archive of Dutch Language Impairment DataDutch Journal of Applied Linguistics 3:2, pp. 127–136 | Article
The VALID Data Archive is an open multimedia data archive in which data from children and adults with language and/or communication problems are brought together. A pilot project, funded by CLARIN-NL, was carried out in which five existing data sets were curated. This pilot enabled us to build up… read more
Altvater-Mackensen, Nicole and Paula Fikkert 2007 On the acquisition of nasals in Dutch and GermanLinguistics in the Netherlands 2007, Los, Bettelou and Marjo van Koppen (eds.), pp. 14–24 | Article
Kager, René, Suzanne van der Feest, Paula Fikkert, Annemarie Kerkhoff and Tania S. Zamuner 2007 2. Representations of [voice]: Evidence from acquisitionVoicing in Dutch: (De)voicing – phonology, phonetics, and psycholinguistics, Weijer, Jeroen van de and Erik Jan van der Torre (eds.), pp. 41–80 | Article
We consider two theories of laryngeal representation, one using a single feature [voice] generalizing across prevoicing languages and aspiration languages, and the other using multiple features: [voice] for pre-voicing languages and [spread glottis] for aspiration languages. We derive predictions… read more
Fikkert, Paula and M. João Freitas 2004 The role of language-specific phonotactics in the acquisition of onset clustersLinguistics in the Netherlands 2004, Cornips, Leonie and Jenny Doetjes (eds.), pp. 58–68 | Article
Cornips, Leonie and Paula Fikkert 2003 PrefaceLinguistics in the Netherlands 2003, Cornips, Leonie and Paula Fikkert (eds.), p.  | Miscellaneous
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Fikkert, Paula 1998 Foot Structure and Word Stress in Middle Dutch: Evidence from 'Lutgart'Linguistics in the Netherlands 1998, Bezooijen, Renée van and René Kager (eds.), pp. 109–122 | Article
Fikkert, Paula 1998 The acquisition of Dutch phonologyThe Acquisition of Dutch, Gillis, Steven and Annick De Houwer (eds.), pp. 163 ff. | Article
Fikkert, Paula 1994 On the acquisition of rhyme structure in DutchLinguistics in the Netherlands 1994, Bok-Bennema, Reineke and Crit Cremers (eds.), pp. 37–48 | Article