Marisa Cruz

List of John Benjamins publications for which Marisa Cruz plays a role.


Cruz, Marisa, Pedro Oliveira, Pedro Palma, Bruno Neto and Sónia Frota 2017 Chapter 3. Building a prosodic profile of European Portuguese varieties: The challenge of mapping intonation and rhythmStudies on Variation in Portuguese, Barbosa, Pilar P., Maria da Conceição de Paiva and Celeste Rodrigues (eds.), pp. 81–110 | Chapter
In the present paper we explore a methodology to map prosodic variation in Portuguese, namely intonation and rhythm, which goes beyond the traditional approaches used to represent segmental, lexical or syntactic variation. To find the most adequate mapping method for intonation and rhythm, we… read more
Oliveira, Pedro, Marisa Cruz, Nuno Paulino and Marina Vigário 2017 Chapter 2. Glide insertion to break a hiatus across words in European Portuguese: The role of prosodic, geographic and sociolinguistic factorsStudies on Variation in Portuguese, Barbosa, Pilar P., Maria da Conceição de Paiva and Celeste Rodrigues (eds.), pp. 49–80 | Chapter
Glide insertion to breakhiatus has long been reported in the literature to occur in the Northern and Central varieties of Portuguese but this has not been systematically investigated before. From a larger corpus of speech material collected in several locations in the North and Center of Portugal,… read more
Frota, Sónia, Marisa Cruz, Nuno Matos and Marina Vigário 2016 Early Prosodic Development: Emerging intonation and phrasing in European PortugueseIntonational Grammar in Ibero-Romance: Approaches across linguistic subfields, Armstrong, Meghan E., Nicholas Henriksen and Maria del Mar Vanrell (eds.), pp. 295–324 | Article
Studies of emerging prosody from the word to the phrase, integrating various sources of evidence, are scarce, and our understanding of the pathways of prosodic development is still very limited. An investigation of emerging intonation and prosodic phrasing was undertaken on the basis of production… read more
Armstrong, Meghan E. and Marisa Cruz 2014 The intonational phonology of Peninsular Spanish and European PortuguesePortuguese-Spanish Interfaces: Diachrony, synchrony, and contact, Amaral, Patrícia and Ana Maria Carvalho (eds.), pp. 151–174 | Article
The study of Spanish and Portuguese intonation within the Autosegmental Metrical (AM) framework has developed substantially over the past 30 years, and recent applications of common methodology make comparative studies more feasible. Here we compare the intonational systems of Peninsular Spanish… read more