Geert Driessen

List of John Benjamins publications for which Geert Driessen plays a role.


From birth on, children are confronted with an ever-growing variation of languages. In Dutch primary schools the main language model nowadays is a submersion model centring round Standard-Dutch. The disappointing results of several small-scale bilingual experiments and the large-scale… read more | Article
Usage of Dutch regional languages and dialects is very much in decline in favour of usage of standard Dutch. This paper analyses the developments in usage in the period 1995-2003 using data from five measurement points of the national cohort study Primai y Education (PRIMA). A total of 35,000… read more | Article
Policy and research are confronted with a growing indistinctness with regard to the definition of ethnic minorities. It proves to be more and more difficult to identify this category in a unambiguous way. The present article describes several indicators of ethnicity and relates them to each other.… read more | Article
For some 25 years now, ethnic minorities in the Netherlands have been offered the possibility to receive Minority Language and Culture Teaching (MLCT). This paper provides an overview of the policy developments with regard to MLCT. It takes a closer look at the arguments in favour of MLCT, on which… read more | Article
This article focuses attention on the question as to which factors could possibly explain the differences in Dutch language performance between Turkish and Moroccan students in the first and third year of secondary education. Students from a representative cohort were tested twice. The complete… read more | Article
In this article the results of a large-scale investigation into the level of language proficiency are presented. The central question is whether there can be identified developments in first and second language proficiency of Turkish and Moroccan pupils. As a point of reference for the second… read more | Article
Evaluation of the effect of mother tongue teaching to migrant children in the Netherlands. Data are presented on first- and second-language proficiency of the Turkish sample (n=368). The aim of the investigation was to find out to what extent learner characteristics influence proficiency scores. It… read more | Article