Yuko Yoshinari

List of John Benjamins publications for which Yuko Yoshinari plays a role.


Matsumoto, Yo, Kimi Akita, Anna Bordilovskaya, Kiyoko Eguchi, Hiroaki Koga, Miho Mano, Ikuko Matsuse, Takahiro Morita, Naonori Nagaya, Kiyoko Takahashi, Ryosuke Takahashi and Yuko Yoshinari 2022 Chapter 3. Linguistic representations of visual motion: A crosslinguistic experimental studyNeglected Aspects of Motion-Event Description: Deixis, asymmetries, constructions, Sarda, Laure and Benjamin Fagard (eds.), pp. 43–67
Linguistic expressions of visual motion (e.g., look into the building) in ten languages are compared, based on a crosslinguistic production experiment. We examine how linguistic representations of visual motion are typologically akin to those of self- and caused motion events. The results suggest… read more | Chapter
This chapter analyzes motion expressions for wine aromas and flavors found in a corpus of wine-tasting notes, applying a typological theory of motion expressions (Talmy, 2000). Japanese wine-tasting descriptions are typically metaphoric, attempting to convey the motion of an entity, particularly… read more | Chapter
Mano, Miho, Yuko Yoshinari and Kiyoko Eguchi 2019 Chapter 9. Interlingual versus intralingual tendencies in second language acquisition: Expressing motion events in English, Hungarian and JapaneseTeachability and Learnability across Languages, Arntzen, Ragnar, Gisela Håkansson, Arnstein Hjelde and Jörg-U. Keßler (eds.), pp. 183–204
This is a cross-linguistic experimental study on motion event descriptions. Based on Talmy’s (1991) typology of motion event descriptions, we focus on three different languages, English, Hungarian and Japanese, and examine how second language (L2) learners describe motion events. Comparing the… read more | Chapter