Cinzia Russi

List of John Benjamins publications for which Cinzia Russi plays a role.


This paper draws attention to the distribution and referential functions nomÉ™ in Ortonese, an Eastern Abruzzese dialect that, overall, remains relatively understudied. The analysis of original written and spoken data shows that in this dialect nomÉ™ appears to have reached a more advanced stage of… read more
This paper examines the relationship among sentence focus, subject position (i.e., preverbal vs. postverbal) and genericity in Italian constructions involving two sub-classes of unaccusative verbs. It is shown that with unaccusatives denoting change of location (e.g., arrivare ‘arrive’), subject… read more
Within standard generative phonology, the distribution of the allomorphs of the Italian masculine definite article has been related strictly to features of the initial segment/cluster of the lexical item following the article. Two main drawbacks characterize such analysis. First, they crucially… read more
Russi, Cinzia 2006 Morphosyntactic Functions of Italian Reflexive si: A GrammaticalizationAnalysisHistorical Romance Linguistics: Retrospective and perspectives, Gess, Randall and Deborah Arteaga (eds.), pp. 357–374 | Chapter
Russi, Cinzia 2006 Italian Volerci: Lexical Verb or Functional Head?New Perspectives on Romance Linguistics: Vol. I: Morphology, Syntax, Semantics, and Pragmatics, Nishida, Chiyo and Jean-Pierre Y. Montreuil (eds.), pp. 247 ff. | Article
Based on a detailed reconstruction of the evolution of Old Italian bisogna “must/be necessary”, Benincà and Poletto (1994, 1997) propose that this verb underwent a process of grammaticalization through which it changed from full verb into a functional head expressing deontic necessity. This paper… read more