Xiaoyan Xu

List of John Benjamins publications for which Xiaoyan Xu plays a role.


This paper reports on the effectiveness of bilingual education in the Netherlands. After a brief history of the rise of bilingual education in the Netherlands, the study traces the development of English proficiency of two cohorts at Dutch high schools during one year: a group of Year 1 students… read more | Article
Verspoor, Marjolijn H., Kees de Bot en Xiaoyan Xu. 2011. The Role of Input and Scholastic Aptitude in Second Language Development. Taalbeleid en meertaligheid, pp. 47–60
This semi-longitudinal/cross-sectional study explores the role of two possible variables in the L2 development of Dutch high school students: scholastic aptitude (operationalized as CITO score) and the amount of input, both in school (two hours a week versus 15 hours a week) and out of school.… read more | Article