Bambi B. Schieffelin

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Language ideologies

Edited by Bambi B. Schieffelin, Paul V. Kroskrity and Kathryn A. Woolard

Special issue of Pragmatics 2:3 (1992) ca. 125 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics


San Roque, Lila and Bambi B. Schieffelin. 2019. Chapter 17. Perception verbs in context: Perspectives from Kaluli (Bosavi) child-caregiver interaction. Perception Metaphors, Speed, Laura J., Carolyn O'Meara, Lila San Roque and Asifa Majid (eds.), pp. 347–368
Perceptual language is a rich site of polysemous meaning and pragmatic extension. In this chapter, we explore the question of how children learning a language come to grips with this complexity, focusing on basic perception verbs as used in child-caregiver interaction in the language Bosavi, spoken… read more | Chapter
San Roque, Lila and Bambi B. Schieffelin. 2018. Chapter 14. Learning how to know: Egophoricity and the grammar of Kaluli (Bosavi, Trans New Guinea), with special reference to child language. Egophoricity, Floyd, Simeon, Elisabeth Norcliffe and Lila San Roque (eds.), pp. 437–471
Languages with egophoric systems require their users to pay special attention to who knows what in the speech situation, providing formal marking of whether the speaker or addressee has personal knowledge of the event being discussed. Such systems have only recently come to be studied in… read more | Chapter
Schieffelin, Bambi B. 2018. Chapter 3. Language socialization and making sense of place. The Sociolinguistics of Place and Belonging: Perspectives from the margins, Cornips, Leonie and Vincent A. de Rooij (eds.), pp. 27–54
From the time we are small, senses of place organize and give meaning to our everyday activities. Little is known, however, about the role language plays in how people come to inhabit or lose a sense of place. Using the theoretical paradigm of language socialization to examine these processes… read more | Chapter
Rumsey, Alan, Lila San Roque and Bambi B. Schieffelin. 2013. The acquisition of ergative marking in Kaluli, Ku Waru and Duna (Trans New Guinea). The Acquisition of Ergativity, Bavin, Edith L. and Sabine Stoll (eds.), pp. 133–182
In this chapter we present material on the acquisition of ergative marking on noun phrases in three languages of Papua New Guinea: Kaluli, Ku Waru, and Duna. The expression of ergativity in all the languages is broadly similar, but sensitive to language-specific features, and this pattern of… read more | Article
This chapter focuses on Bible translation practices, central to Christian missionization in Papua New Guinea, a site of intensive linguistic and cultural contact, and a productive context in which to examine the dynamics of multiple, competing and contradictory conceptualizations about language,… read more | Article
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