Augustin Ndi-Kimbi

List of John Benjamins publications for which Augustin Ndi-Kimbi plays a role.


Ndi-Kimbi, Augustin 1995 The functional role of verbs in terminological definitionsTerminology 2:1, pp. 87–105 | Article
The role of verbs in definitions is very complex. In general discourse, the function of declarative sentences or propositions is to report events happening to participants, with verbs encoding the events and nouns the participants. In definitions of concepts, verbs and nouns are used to express, in… read more
The article explores the basic conceptual structure patterns of definitions and contrasts them with their linguistic realisation. A better understanding of the linguistic possibilities of expression can lead to more sensible rules and proper patterns for definitions that can be used in authoring… read more
The written forms of definitions ought to meet certain requirements in order to be generally acceptable among lexicographers and terminographers. This article reviews the theoretical and specific guidelines for definitions laid down by some philosophers and terminology organizations. It assesses… read more