David Håkansson

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Syntactic Variation and Change

Edited by David Håkansson, Ida Larsson and Erik Magnusson Petzell

Special issue of Linguistic Variation 17:1 (2017) iii, 148 pp.
Subjects Generative linguistics | Typology


Håkansson, David, Ida Larsson and Erik Magnusson Petzell 2017 Introducing syntactic variation and changeSyntactic Variation and Change, Håkansson, David, Ida Larsson and Erik Magnusson Petzell (eds.), pp. 1–7
This article focuses on word order in subordinate clauses in the history of Swedish, mainly Old Swedish (c. 1225–1526) and Early Modern Swedish (1526–1732). In Old Swedish, subordinate clauses could have the same word order as main clauses with respect to the internal order between the finite verb… read more | Article
This article is concerned with null referential subjects in Old Swedish (ca. 1225–1526), and addresses the problem of why the scope for such subjects has been reduced during the history of Swedish. Within diachronic syntax it has been a common assumption that syntactic change is caused by changes… read more | Article