Anni Sairio

List of John Benjamins publications for which Anni Sairio plays a role.


Sairio, Anni. 2018. Chapter 11. Incipient and intimate: The progressive aspect. Patterns of Change in 18th-century English: A sociolinguistic approach, Nevalainen, Terttu, Minna Palander-Collin and Tanja Säily (eds.), pp. 179–196
Kaislaniemi, Samuli, Mel Evans, Teo Juvonen and Anni Sairio. 2017. “A graphic system which leads its own linguistic life”? Epistolary spelling in English, 1400–1800. Exploring Future Paths for Historical Sociolinguistics, Säily, Tanja, Arja Nurmi, Minna Palander-Collin and Anita Auer (eds.), pp. 187–213
Traditional accounts of the history of English spelling are primarily based on printed texts. According to them, English orthography developed from great diversity in Late Middle English to modern standard spelling by 1800. Studies have also revealed a split between public and private spelling… read more | Chapter
Nevala, Minna and Anni Sairio. 2017. Discord in eighteenth-century genteel correspondence. Exploring Future Paths for Historical Sociolinguistics, Säily, Tanja, Arja Nurmi, Minna Palander-Collin and Anita Auer (eds.), pp. 109–127
This chapter studies representations of discord in the correspondence of eighteenth-century English gentry. The study aims at charting various ways in which the upper classes negotiated conflict situations and cases where norms of society were challenged, by mapping the social meaning of relevant… read more | Chapter
Sairio, Anni. 2017. “Now to my distress”: Shame discourse in eighteenth-century English letters. Historical (socio)pragmatics at present, Włodarczyk, Matylda and Irma Taavitsainen (eds.), pp. 295–314
It is argued that shame has become increasingly important as a mechanism of social control in Western societies while our awareness of shame has simultaneously decreased. This paper explores the functions of the lexemes shame, disgrace and ignominy in the eighteenth-century section of the Corpus of… read more | Article
Expressions of stance are considered to be a basic resource for the study of identities (Ochs 1996; Bucholtz & Hall 2005; Jaffe 2009). In this paper I look at stance-taking in eighteenth-century English correspondence as intentional self-fashioning (as per Greenblatt 1980) and identity performance,… read more | Article
This paper discusses the formality of epistolary spellings in the correspondence of Elizabeth Montagu and Sarah Scott, eighteenth-century sisters of similar backgrounds yet different social positions. I examine their use of full vs contracted auxiliary verb forms, preterite and past participle… read more | Article
This paper presents the reconstruction and analysis of Elizabeth Montagu’s Bluestocking network, and proposes a network strength scale (NSS) for quantifying the strength of network ties in this eighteenth-century English social circle. The NSS scores are compared with the use of pied piping and… read more | Article