Samuel Awinkene Atintono

List of John Benjamins publications for which Samuel Awinkene Atintono plays a role.


Atintono, Samuel Awinkene, Dorothy Agyepong and Promise Kpoglu 2024 Chapter 3. A comparative study of the basic locative construction in Gurenɛ, Asante-Twi, and TongugbePredication in African Languages, Essegbey, James and Enoch O. Aboh (eds.), pp. 74–98 | Chapter
The chapter examines the basic locative construction (BLC) in three Niger Congo languages spoken in Ghana: Gurenɛ, Asante-Twi and Tongugbe, and discusses the semantics of the verbs that occur within the construction. Using data elicited with a similar set of locative verb stimuli, we demonstrate… read more
Atintono, Samuel Awinkene 2015 The semantics and metaphorical extensions of temperature terms in GurenɛThe Linguistics of Temperature, Koptjevskaja-Tamm, Maria (ed.), pp. 73–106 | Article
Temperature phenomena are universal, and languages show diversity in the ways in which they express the experience of temperature linguistically (Sutrop 1998; Plank 2003; Koptjevskaja-Tamm & Rakhilina 2006; Koptjevskaja-Tamm 2011). I explore these phenomena in Gurenɛ, a Gur language of the… read more