Minhui Xu

List of John Benjamins publications for which Minhui Xu plays a role.


Translation practice on the internet has produced a new mode of translation activity that has significantly changed the traditional understanding of translation, especially the relationship between different agents. Drawing on Latour’s Actor-Network Theory (ANT), this study attempts to explore… read more
Although much recent work in translation studies has focused on translators, the research conducted by translators remains understudied. This study explores translators’ research and its impact on their translations and on translational trust. Taking Jeffrey C. Kinkley – an American translator,… read more
This study draws on Bourdieu’s conceptualization of the international circulation of ideas to examine the sociological formation process of a translation. Taking the translated Chinese novel Border Town as an example, this study investigates the three phases of that process: selection; labeling… read more
Simeoni’s seminal paper (1998) has spurred many to investigate translators’ habitus, both initial and professional, though fine-grained analysis is lacking. This paper argues that a translator’s professional habitus is highly influenced by the adjacent discipline. With Edgar Snow as an illustrative… read more