Gong Cheng

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本文通過兩項實證性的研究,再談漢語分裂式「是」句及幾類相關結構的語義。研究發現(i)不同於Paul & Whitman (2008)、Cheng (2008)等分析,句首、句中「是」字句以及「是」字句和「是……的」結構在焦點標記方式和窮盡性的表達等分裂句相關語義屬性上具有一致性,因此應該進行統一化的處理。(ii)分裂式「是」字句的核心語義表達唯一性識別,其預設焦點候選項集合中有且只有一個唯一為真的候選項並斷言其自身表達的命題(prejacent)為真。「是」字句的窮盡性來自於預設和斷言共同作用下的語義推理,而對比性則來自於語篇在此基礎上的進一步限制作用。 read more
Gong Cheng, and Liu Ying 2020 A root-and-pattern approach to word-formation in ChineseAsian Languages and Linguistics 1:1, pp. 71–106 | Article
This paper argues that compounding, the major source of word-formation in Chinese, and the root-and-pattern system in Hebrew involve fundamentally the same syntactic operations and observe the same locality constraints, despite the salient differences. More specifically, it addresses the… read more
Liu, Danqing, Ailan Fu and Gong Cheng 2020 ForewordAsian Languages and Linguistics 1:1, pp. 1–8 | Editorial