Mieko Ogura

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Ogura, Mieko and William S-Y. Wang 2022 Chapter 3. Ambiguity resolution and the evolution of homophones in EnglishEnglish Historical Linguistics: Change in structure and meaning, Los, Bettelou, Claire Cowie, Patrick Honeybone and Graeme Trousdale (eds.), pp. 61–90 | Chapter
Based on a quantitative study of the evolution of homophones in English, we present an argument about why homophones occur. Zipf’s law, which states that word frequency decreases as a power law of its rank, can be seen as the outcome of form-meaning associations, adopted in order to comply with… read more
We present a quantitative study of the semantic network of the set of nouns and verbs of WordNet, which is a systematic representation of the Present-day English lexicon based on psycholinguistic considerations, and A Thesaurus of Old English to understand the evolution of the global organization… read more
This paper examines how different structures of social networks affect linguistic selection type of change or functionally biased change, and game type of change or socially biased change, based on simulation and historical data from English. We show that the weaker the functional or social bias,… read more
SUMMARY Based on the data presented in Ogura (1987), Labov (1992, 1994) reanalyzes the distribution of ME i and u words at 311 sites in England and maintains that the mathematical analysis supports the regularity hypothesis as well as the claim of phonetic conditioning of sound change. We have… read more
SUMMARY Kroch (1989b) considers that there grounds for arguing in favor of a grammatical reanalysis in the development of periphrastic do in the period 1550-1575. He separates the data taken from Ellegård's (1953) work accordingly, claiming that across the contexts the changes have both the same… read more