Ioana-Maria Stoenica

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ioana-Maria Stoenica plays a role.


Stoenica, Ioana-Maria and Simona Pekarek Doehler 2020 Chapter 11. Relative-clause increments and the management of reference: A multimodal analysis of French talk-in-interactionEmergent Syntax for Conversation: Clausal patterns and the organization of action, Maschler, Yael, Simona Pekarek Doehler, Jan Lindström and Leelo Keevallik (eds.), pp. 303–330
In this paper we propose a reanalysis of relative clauses in French talk-in-interaction as part of “grammar for talk implementing action” (Schegloff, 1996: p. 113). Our analytic focus is on relative clauses produced as increments, i.e., cases where the [main clause + relative clause] pattern… read more | Chapter
Stoenica, Ioana-Maria, Simona Pekarek Doehler and Anne-Sylvie Horlacher 2020 Chapter 3. Emergent complex noun phrases: On-line trajectories of ‘relativized’ NPs in French talk-in-interactionThe ‘Noun Phrase’ across Languages: An emergent unit in interaction, Ono, Tsuyoshi and Sandra A. Thompson (eds.), pp. 43–70
In this paper, we document the temporal and contingent nature of noun phrases (NPs). Focusing on relativized NPs, we show that they are produced as an interactional accomplishment, emerging from how participants adapt to each other’s verbal and non-verbal conduct. Based on 20 hours of French… read more | Chapter