Hilário de Sousa

List of John Benjamins publications for which Hilário de Sousa plays a role.


de Sousa, Hilário 2016 Some non-canonical switch reference systems and the fundamental functions of switch referenceSwitch Reference 2.0, Gijn, Rik van and Jeremy Hammond (eds.), pp. 55–92 | Article
Switch reference [sr] is complex; doing a truly-comprehensive typology of sr is difficult due to the plethora of “non-core” functions that different sr systems have. Inspired by the difference in usage of the sr system by older and younger speakers in the Papuan language of Menggwa Dla (de Sousa… read more
de Sousa, Hilário, François Langella and N.J. Enfield 2015 Temperature terms in Lao, Southern Zhuang, Southern Pinghua and CantoneseThe Linguistics of Temperature, Koptjevskaja-Tamm, Maria (ed.), pp. 594–638 | Article
Lao, Southern Zhuang, Southern Pinghua and Cantonese are four languages spoken in Mainland Southeast Asia. The study of the temperature systems in these four languages – two from the Tai family and two from the Sinitic family – provides an interesting test case for the areal study of temperature… read more