Elena Sánchez-López

List of John Benjamins publications for which Elena Sánchez-López plays a role.


Sánchez-López, Elena. 2023. Meaning, degrees of abstraction and shared knowledge. Verb and Context: The impact of shared knowledge on TAME categories, Rodríguez Rosique, Susana and Jordi M. Antolí Martínez (eds.), pp. 307–326
Human communication has proven to be a complex, multi-layered phenomenon, embracing social and individual, abstract and concrete, conceptual and referential elements. This complexity has found its reflection in the several linguistic branches devoted to its study: cognitive and functional… read more | Chapter
Sánchez-López, Elena. 2020. On the importance of a diachronic approach to phraseology. Changes in Meaning and Function: Studies in historical linguistics with a focus on Spanish, Fernández Jaén, Jorge and Herminia Provencio Garrigós (eds.), pp. 299–330
A diachronic approach to Phraseology may provide us the key to understand the nature of the phraseological phenomenon, thus contributing to the establishment of the subdiscipline. In this paper, we underline the relation between Phraseology and language change, showing the similarities between… read more | Chapter
Sánchez-López, Elena. 2018. Claves para entender el fenómeno de la variación en fraseología. Fraseología, Diatopía y Traducción / Phraseology, Diatopic Variation and Translation, Mogorrón Huerta, Pedro and Antonio Albaladejo-Martínez (eds.), pp. 243–262