Erwin R. Komen

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Subjects in Old English can occur in a number of different positions. Their distribution changes over time, especially during and after the loss of the non-obligatory verb-second word order that characterised Old English. A question that has not been raised is whether the disappearance of subject… read more | Chapter
Komen, Erwin R. 2014 Chechen extraposition as an information ordering strategyInformation Structure and Reference Tracking in Complex Sentences, Gijn, Rik van, Jeremy Hammond, Dejan Matić, Saskia van Putten and Ana Vilacy Galucio (eds.), pp. 99–126
Relative clauses in Chechen normally precede their heads, but corpus research shows that about 2% of them appear in an extraposed position. Scrutiny of these instances reveals that there is no link between extraposition of a relative clause and the pragmatic category (focus vs. topic) of the head.… read more | Article
Komen, Erwin R., Rosanne Hebing, Ans M.C. van Kemenade and Bettelou Los 2014 Quantifying information structure change in EnglishInformation Structure and Syntactic Change in Germanic and Romance Languages, Bech, Kristin and Kristine Gunn Eide (eds.), pp. 81–110
The verb-second constraint in Old and Middle English made available a special clause-initial position that could host more than just the subject. Los (2009) suggests that this position served a discourse-linking function, expressed by, for instance, an adverbial. This allowed the subject to be… read more | Article