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Action Research in Workplace Innovation and Regional Development

Edited by Werner Fricke and Peter Totterdill

[Dialogues on Work and Innovation, 15] 2004. x, 356 pp.
Subjects Industrial & organizational studies


Fricke, Werner and Peter Totterdill 2004 IntroductionAction Research in Workplace Innovation and Regional Development, Fricke, Werner and Peter Totterdill (eds.), pp. 1–11
Fricke, Werner 2003 EditorialConcepts and Transformation 8:3, pp. 217–218
Between 1974 and 2002 there were three state financed work life programmes at federal level in Germany, with a financial outlay of more than €1 billion. The author evaluates the programmes’ achievements, conflicts and deficits and pays special attention to the role of social science research in… read more | Article
Fricke, Werner 2002 EditorialConcepts and Transformation 7:3, pp. 231–235
Fricke, Werner 2001 EditorialConcepts and Transformation 6:2, pp. 103–107
Within the German state financed programs “Humanization of Work” and (since 1989) “Work and Technology” 1,500 research and development projects have been executed since 1974 with a total budget of about 1.3 billion DM. The program activities, more design orientated than the Scandinavian programs… read more | Article
Workers' participation can contribute to industrial democracy in Germany -this was one of the conceptual cornerstones of the state-financed German humanization program in its early phase (1976-1980). Experiences from that period are discussed in the light of the concept of reflective modernization… read more | Article
Fricke, Werner 1996 6. Action Research and Regional DevelopmentBeyond Theory: Changing organizations through participation, Toulmin, Stephen and Bjørn Gustavsen (eds.), pp. 83 ff.