Evelina Leivada

List of John Benjamins publications for which Evelina Leivada plays a role.


Mitrofanova, Natalia, Evelina Leivada and Marit Westergaard 2023 Crosslinguistic influence in L3 acquisition: Evidence from artificial language learningStructural similarity across domains in third language acquisition, Kolb, Nadine, Natalia Mitrofanova and Marit Westergaard (eds.), pp. 717–742
This study investigates the role of lexical vs structural similarity in L3 acquisition. We designed a mini-artificial language learning task where the novel L3 was lexically based on Norwegian but included a property that was present in Russian and Greek yet absent in Norwegian (grammatical case).… read more | Article
The linguistic reality of Cyprus is diglossic between the local variety of Cypriot Greek and the official language Standard Modern Greek. One of the better studied differences between the two varieties is clitic placement in syntactic environments where one requires enclisis and the other proclisis. read more | Chapter
Papadopoulou, Elena, Evelina Leivada and Natalia Pavlou 2014 Acceptability judgments in bilectal populations: Competition, gradience and socio-syntaxThree Factors and Beyond: Socio-syntax and language acquisition, Grohmann, Kleanthes K. (ed.), pp. 109–128
This paper investigates the gradient nature of acceptability judgements and grammatical variants in the bilectal population of Cyprus, by comparatively discussing the findings of two recent experiments on (i) exhaustivity effects in Cypriot Greek clefts and embu ‘it is that’-structures (Leivada et… read more | Article
This paper addresses the difficulty of investigating language development in a non-codified linguistic system, Cypriot Greek, the local dialect spoken natively by Greek Cypriots whose official language is Standard Modern Greek, which in turn is not natively acquired by the population. The situation… read more | Article