Purificación Meseguer Cutillas

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El presente artículo pretende explorar el impacto que la documentación y la inteligencia creativa tienen a la hora de resolver retos creativos literarios. Para ello se diseñó un estudio experimental con estudiantes de traducción e interpretación en el que, divididos en dos grupos, debían traducir… read more | Article
Through the analysis of a case of translation and censorship, this study offers a recreation of the microhistory of La terre (1883), by Émile Zola, at the time when this foreign French novel was imported into the Francoist literary system, focusing on the processes of reception, conditioning and… read more | Article
Over this last decade translation process research has provided evidence for the importance of studying translators and interpreters’ individual differences so as to gain a better understanding of the cognitive processes involved in translation and the potential impact of the translator’s… read more | Article
In Franco’s totalitarian state, censorship became from the start an efficient mechanism to control artistic production — and by extension, ideas — which was conceived to maintain and enhance the values of Francoist regime. But its violent and ruthless measures did not prevent it from being… read more | Article