Pavel Kosek

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The paper studies the development of several properties of the reflexive enclitic sě/se dependent on a finite verb in the Czech language. We focus on the word order position of the reflexive and on the influence which the length of the initial phrase has on the position. We also investigate the… read more
Čech, Radek, Pavel Kosek, Olga Navrátilová and Jan Mačutek 2021 On the impact of the initial phrase length on the position of enclitics in Old CzechLanguage and Text: Data, models, information and applications, Pawłowski, Adam, Jan Mačutek, Sheila Embleton and George Mikros (eds.), pp. 9–20 | Chapter
This paper presents an analysis of the relationship between the length of the initial phrase and the positions of pronominal enclitics in a clause. The hypothesis predicting the negative correlation between the length of the phrase and the proportion of enclitics in the post-initial position was… read more