Daniela Marzo

List of John Benjamins publications for which Daniela Marzo plays a role.


Pfänder, Stefan, Philipp Freyburger, Daniela Marzo and Ignacio Satti 2022 Doing remembering as a multimodal accomplishment: On the use of mi ricordo (‘I remember’) in Oral History InterviewsInteractional Linguistics 2:1, pp. 110–136 | Article
The present study investigates how remembering is publicly displayed during storytelling in Oral History Interviews with Italian-speaking witnesses of labor camps during WWII. We focus on the use of the first-person indicative mi ricordo (‘I remember’). In this particular narrative genre, mi… read more
This paper is concerned with motivation and transparency in the lexicon. After a theoretical discussion of motivation, the author presents an empirical study that focuses on the motivation of formally simple and complex polysemous Italian words. It is shown that the motivatability of polysemous… read more
Marzo, Daniela 2008 What is iconic about polysemy? A contribution to research on diagrammatic TransparencyNaturalness and Iconicity in Language, Willems, Klaas and Ludovic De Cuypere (eds.), pp. 167–187 | Article
This paper is a contribution to research on iconicity and diagrammatic transparency in the lexicon. The focus lies on the potential contribution of polysemy to iconicity that is generally neglected by iconicity researchers. The three Peircean icon types of images, diagrams and metaphors are… read more
‘Morphological’ and ‘semantic’ motivation are not just two types (Ullmann 1966), but two interrelated dimensions of the problem of lexical motivation. For instance, Fr. poire ‘pear’ — poirier ‘pear-tree’ expresses the same cognitive relation as the polysemy of Russ. gruša, and, at the same time,… read more