Vittorio Tantucci

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Different Slants on Grammaticalization

Edited by Sylvie Hancil and Vittorio Tantucci

[Studies in Language Companion Series, 232] 2023. vi, 280 pp. + index
Subjects Historical linguistics | Theoretical linguistics


Tantucci, Vittorio and Aiqing Wang. 2023. Chapter 2. From fear to reason: Grammaticalization as dependency vs expansion of the Mandarin apprehensive 怕 pà. Different Slants on Grammaticalization, Hancil, Sylvie and Vittorio Tantucci (eds.), pp. 50–73
In this study we support the view that grammaticalization can unfold both in the form of increased dependency and increased expansion (cf. Traugott & Trousdale 2013), even when originating from the same original lexeme. We provide the case study of the Mandarin apprehensive verb 怕 pà … read more | Chapter
Tantucci, Vittorio and Sylvie Hancil. 2023. Introduction. Different Slants on Grammaticalization, Hancil, Sylvie and Vittorio Tantucci (eds.), pp. 1–18
Culpeper, Jonathan, Samuel J. Oliver and Vittorio Tantucci. 2021. Politeness reciprocity in Shakespeare’s dialogue: The case of thanks. Historical Pragmatics today: Articles in honour of Andreas H. Jucker, Taavitsainen, Irma and Jonathan Culpeper (eds.), pp. 202–224
Recently, it has been proposed that (im)politeness in interaction today is governed in large part by a Principle of (Im)politeness Reciprocity (Culpeper and Tantucci 2021). This paper investigates whether politeness reciprocity works similarly in early modern English – specifically, in the plays… read more | Article
This paper discusses the new aktionsart of traversativity, here defined as the category marking the phase of ‘getting-through’ an event or a situation. Different from completives and resultatives (cf. Bybee et al. 1994), traversatives do not profile a phasal contiguity with the telos of a… read more | Article