Sarah Turner

List of John Benjamins publications for which Sarah Turner plays a role.


Turner, Sarah and Jeannette Littlemore. 2023. Literal or metaphorical? Conventional or creative? Contested metaphoricity in intense emotional experiences. Current challenges in metaphor research, Julich-Warpakowski, Nina and Paula Pérez Sobrino (eds.), pp. 37–58
Metaphor has long been considered a ‘way in’ to people’s experiences, with metaphor analysis being used to gain insights into a range of psychological and physiological phenomena. However, a number of challenges arise when analysing metaphor in such contexts. We reflect on the challenges we have… read more | Article
Littlemore, Jeannette and Sarah Turner. 2020. Metaphors in communication about pregnancy loss. Metaphor and the Social World 10:1, pp. 45–75
Pregnancy loss, encompassing miscarriage, stillbirth and termination for foetal abnormality, can be considered a particularly intense and unique form of bereavement, which engenders difficult or painful emotions. When people are talking about such emotions, they have been found to make extensive… read more | Article
Turner, Sarah, Jeannette Littlemore, Danielle Fuller, Karolina Kuberska and Sheelagh McGuinness. 2020. The production of time-related metaphors by people who have experienced pregnancy loss. Producing Figurative Expression: Theoretical, experimental and practical perspectives, Barnden, John and Andrew Gargett (eds.), pp. 389–418
In this chapter we focus on the ways in which people who have experienced pregnancy loss use metaphor to describe the experience, with a particular focus on time-related metaphor. The data come from an ESRC-funded study that investigates the ways in which people who have experienced bereavement… read more | Chapter
The article aims to provide a critical review of 23 studies that have used metaphor analysis to provide insight into academic literacy research over the past 30 years. It begins by summarising some of the key issues and trends that have been addressed using metaphor analysis, grouping these into… read more | Article
This article presents a pragmatic analysis of constituent order in clauses containing intransitive verbs of motion and position drawn from a range of early East Slavic sources. The influence of context on constituent order accounts only partially for the diversity of syntactic patterns attested,… read more | Article