Claudia Männel

List of John Benjamins publications for which Claudia Männel plays a role.


Teixidó, Maria, Clément François, Laura Bosch and Claudia Männel 2018 Chapter 5. The role of prosody in early speech segmentation and word-referent mapping: Electrophysiological evidenceThe Development of Prosody in First Language Acquisition, Prieto, Pilar and Núria Esteve-Gibert (eds.), pp. 79–100
This chapter reviews electrophysiological studies on early word-form segmentation and word-referent mapping, with a focus on the role of prosody in these early abilities closely related to vocabulary acquisition. First, we will review event-related brain potential (ERP) studies on word segmentation… read more | Chapter
Männel, Claudia and Angela D. Friederici 2008 Event-related brain potentials as a window to children's language processing: From syllables to sentencesDevelopmental Psycholinguistics: On-line methods in children’s language processing, Sekerina, Irina A., Eva M. Fernández and Harald Clahsen (eds.), pp. 29–72
The present paper gives an overview of our recent research on the neurocognition of language acquisition. Our research aims to gain a more detailed understanding of the developmental stages of the language acquisition process and its underlying brain mechanisms. Here, we utilize the method of… read more | Article