Meng Ji

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Subjects Corpus linguistics | Translation Studies


The main purpose of this chapter is to develop useful analytical frameworks for translation studies. The new analytical frameworks proposed will integrate quantitative and qualitative analysis of textual and contextual events and phenomena of translation. Three sets of relationship are highlighted… read more
The establishment of a working scientific language was instrumental in the construction of China’s early modern scientific identity, as a result of its increasing engagement with Western scientific concepts and idea sets. The current study aims to offer a corpus-based investigation of… read more
This paper investigates the stylistic profiles of the early English translations of Cao Xueqin’s masterwork Hongloumeng (The Story of the Stone or Dream of the Red Chamber 1791), by Bowra (1868–70), Joly (1892–3), and Giles (1885). Through a detailed comparison of early English translations of the… read more