Rosa María Ortiz Ciscomani

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This paper analyses the diachronic behavior (12th to 20th centuries) of the ditransitive predications, with Direct Object (DO) and Indirect Object (IO), coded by Noun Phrases in Spanish. The analysis accounts for the properties of those participants, possessor and possessed respectively, and the… read more
Ortiz Ciscomani, Rosa María 2017 Chapter 11. From adjective to adverbial modal locutions in SpanishAdjective Adverb Interfaces in Romance, Hummel, Martin and Salvador Valera (eds.), pp. 305–327 | Chapter
This paper focus on an issue at present not well-known, neither in the synchronic nor in the diachronic perspective, that is, the adverbial modal locutions in Spanish with an adjective lexical base – a nominalized adjective or a nominal phrase – displaying the ending -as, in a prepositional… read more