Glenda Shopen

List of John Benjamins publications for which Glenda Shopen plays a role.


Recent work in literacy has emphasised the partnership between parents and schools in furthering children’s literacy development. This paper discusses the nature of this partnership in late primary school and early secondary school learning in Australia and the ways in which information is… read more | Article
Reports are important genres in our culture and they have achieved some prominence in education. What it means to report and the way reporting is conceived in our culture can be revealed through semantic analysis. By looking at the meaning of the verb report, this paper will argue for a view of… read more | Article
There were over 200 distinct languages in Australia at the time of European settlement. Today less than 40 of these are still being passed on to new generations, and all of these are under threat of extinction. Aboriginal people are struggling to adapt themselves to the massive European presence… read more | Article