Hélène Vassiliadou

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Transitivity and Valency: From theory to acquisition

Edited by Georgia Fotiadou and Hélène Vassiliadou

Special issue of Lingvisticæ Investigationes 40:1 (2017) v, 133 pp.
Subjects Computational & corpus linguistics | Generative linguistics | Lexicography | Romance linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Fotiadou, Georgia and Hélène Vassiliadou. 2017. Transitivity and valency: from theory to acquisition: An overview. Transitivity and Valency: From theory to acquisition, Fotiadou, Georgia and Hélène Vassiliadou (eds.), pp. 1–24
Summary The aim of this paper is to present a contrastive analysis of reformulation markers in French (c’est-à-dire) and in Greek (δηλαδή). Within this perspective, we propose to examine in which cases we can substitute one marker to the other in order to verify if they are equivalent or not. read more | Article