Pol Popovic Karic

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In the novel El río del Edén by José María Merino, the reader learns about the life experiences of Daniel and Tere. This paper analyzes three stages in their lives: the camping trip, the period before the birth of their son Silvio and the consequences of his medical condition on his parents. These… read more
Popovic Karic, Pol 2015 Las mentiras en Pedro PáramoRevue Romane 50:1, pp. 68–80 | Article
Four types of lies will be analyzed in the novel Pedro Paramo by Juan Rulfo. Each one stems from a specific area: space, time, love and death. These lies are complementary; the first two permeate into the other two and these complement each other forming a circle of ambiguity and uncertainty in the… read more
Popovic Karic, Pol 2008 Los embaucadores enredados en Pedro PáramoRevue Romane 43:2, pp. 273–285 | Article
Pedro Páramo by Juan Rulfo is a multifaceted novel that incorporates Mexican cultural traits into literature and shapes the concept of Hispanic narration. The novel recreates the dramatic struggle for survival and its intriguing maneuvers. The main characters Pedro Páramo and Susan San Juan… read more