Celina Agostinho

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Previous cross-linguistic research showed that verbal passives are delayed in child grammar. Moreover, Maratsos et al. (1985) found that actional passives elicit more adult-like results than non-actional passives in child English. Hirsch & Wexler (2006) proposed that the adult-like results… read more
Agostinho, Celina, Ana Lúcia Santos and Inês Duarte 2018 The acquisition of control in European PortugueseComplement Clauses in Portuguese: Syntax and acquisition, Santos, Ana Lúcia and Anabela Gonçalves (eds.), pp. 261–294 | Chapter
We offer a new insight on the acquisition of control, by considering data from Portuguese. We explore two main issues: (i) the distinction between obligatory control and non-obligatory control and (ii) choice of controller. Our results show that children distinguish certain obligatory and… read more