Giovanni Damele

List of John Benjamins publications for which Giovanni Damele plays a role.


Macagno, Fabrizio and Giovanni Damele. 2023. The boundaries of lying: Casuistry and the pragmatic dimension of interpretation. Argumentation and the interpretation of religious texts, Macagno, Fabrizio and Lucia Salvato (eds.), pp. 19–58
The Holy Scriptures can be considered a specific kind of normative texts, whose use to assess practical moral cases requires interpretation. In the field of ethics, this interpretative problem results in the necessity of bridging the gap between the normative source – moral precepts – and the… read more | Article
Damele, Giovanni. 2016. Adventures of a metaphor: Apian imagery in the history of political thought. Metaphor and Communication, Gola, Elisabetta and Francesca Ervas (eds.), pp. 173–188
This chapter analyses some examples taken from the different versions of the metaphor of the beehive or the swarm of bees (one of the most popular symbolic models of human society), with the aim of exploring the relevance of cognitive and persuasive aspects in this political metaphor. What the… read more | Article