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From Verbal Periphrases to Complex Predicates

Edited by Mar Garachana Camarero, Sandra Montserrat Buendia and Claus Dieter Pusch

Subjects Romance linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Conative constructions have enjoyed considerable attention over the past decade from a typological perspective. However, the historical development of conativity in individual languages has been largely neglected to date. In this paper, we put forth an exhaustive diachronic analysis of the… read more
Artigas, Esther and Mar Garachana Camarero 2022 Origin and development of Spanish verbal periphrases haber  + ( nexus ) +  infinitiveFrom Verbal Periphrases to Complex Predicates, Garachana Camarero, Mar, Sandra Montserrat Buendia and Claus Dieter Pusch (eds.), pp. 131–148 | Chapter
It is a well attested fact that possessive verbs spread to different meanings. In many languages, these lexical verbs often lead to auxiliary and semi-auxiliary verbs. This is the case of Lat. habeo, and its Romance descendants, that gave rises to different periphrastic constructions whose… read more
Garachana Camarero, Mar 2022 Unexpected grammaticalizations: The reanalysis of the Spanish verb ir ‘to go’ as a past markerFrom Verbal Periphrases to Complex Predicates, Garachana Camarero, Mar, Sandra Montserrat Buendia and Claus Dieter Pusch (eds.), pp. 171–188 | Chapter
From a typological perspective, the evolution of a verb meaning ‘to go’ as a future tense marker is a common grammaticalization chain. The evolution of an allative verb as a past tense is much less expected, though documented. In modern Spanish, for instance, it exists a past marker formed by a… read more
Garachana Camarero, Mar, Sandra Montserrat Buendia and Claus Dieter Pusch 2022 From verbal periphrases to complex predicates: An introduction to the present volumeFrom Verbal Periphrases to Complex Predicates, Garachana Camarero, Mar, Sandra Montserrat Buendia and Claus Dieter Pusch (eds.), pp. 1–11 | Chapter
Garachana Camarero, Mar and Axel Hernández Díaz 2020 From semantics to grammar: Lexical substitution in the evolution of verbal periphrases haber / tener + infinitiveChanges in Meaning and Function: Studies in historical linguistics with a focus on Spanish, Fernández Jaén, Jorge and Herminia Provencio Garrigós (eds.), pp. 77–108 | Chapter
The main aim of this paper is to analyze the rise of the Spanish verbal periphrases tener de/que + inf and investigate the relevance of analogy and lexical semantics for these changes. We demonstrate that the constructions haber de/que + inf acted as supporting constructions motivating the rise of… read more
Garachana Camarero, Mar and María Sol Sansiñena 2020  Va a ser que no: The Spanish periphrastic future construction as refutative and assertive markerThe Wealth and Breadth of Construction-Based Research, Colleman, Timothy, Frank Brisard, Astrid De Wit, Renata Enghels, Nikos Koutsoukos, Tanja Mortelmans and María Sol Sansiñena (eds.), pp. 87–98 | Article
This study seeks to gain a better insight into the origin and expansion of the construction <va a ser que sí/no > (lit. goes to be that yes/no) in Peninsular Spanish. We argue that this construction derives from the use of the periphrastic future construction <ir a ‘go to’ + inf> in a… read more
Valenzuela, Javier, Joseph Hilferty and Mar Garachana Camarero 2005 On the reality of constructions: The Spanish reduplicative-topic constructionAnnual Review of Cognitive Linguistics: Volume 3, Ruiz de Mendoza Ibáñez, Francisco José (ed.), pp. 201–215 | Article
In the present paper, we adduce further evidence for the reality of grammatical constructions by focusing on a highly idiosyncratic configuration from Spanish, which we call the reduplicative-topic construction. This construction is a productive syntactic pattern that functions as a “constructional… read more