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Book series


Research in Second Language Processing and Parsing

Edited by Bill VanPatten and Jill Jegerski

Subjects Language acquisition | Psycholinguistics | Theoretical linguistics


Jegerski, Jill, Bill VanPatten and Gregory D. Keating 2016 Relative clause attachment preferences in early and late Spanish-English bilingualsAdvances in Spanish as a Heritage Language, Pascual y Cabo, Diego (ed.), pp. 81–98 | Article
Previous research on the interpretation of ambiguous relative clauses among bilinguals has suggested that a single attachment strategy is employed with both languages and that this preference is determined by language exposure (Dussias & Sagarra, 2007). However, most prior studies had targeted late… read more
VanPatten, Bill and Jason Rothman 2015 What does current generative theory have to say about the explicit-implicit debate?Implicit and Explicit Learning of Languages, Rebuschat, Patrick (ed.), pp. 91–116 | Article
Taking a generative perspective, we divide aspects of language into three broad categories: those that cannot be learned (are inherent in Universal Grammar), those that are derived from Universal Grammar, and those that must be learned from the input. Using this framework of language to clarify the… read more
VanPatten, Bill 2014 Chapter 5. The limits of instruction: 40 years after “Interlanguage”Interlanguage: Forty years later, Han, ZhaoHong and Elaine Tarone (eds.), pp. 105–126 | Chapter
This chapter argues that Selinker’s (1972) claim that instruction does not significantly affect interlanguage development is essentially correct. Reviewing general research on instructed second language acquisition as well as some recent research of my own, I argue that instructed SLA to date has… read more
Rothman, Jason and Bill VanPatten 2013 Afterword. On multiplicity and mutual exclusivity: The case for different SLA theoriesContemporary Approaches to Second Language Acquisition, García Mayo, María del Pilar, María Juncal Gutiérrez Mangado and María Martínez-Adrián (eds.), pp. 243–256 | Article
In this chapter, I argue something that ought to be self-evident but is often overlooked in instructed SLA research: language is multifaceted and not reducible to a single concept. In simplest terms, this means that language consists of two broad domains: (1) mental representation, and (2) skill… read more
VanPatten, Bill, Gregory D. Keating and Michael J. Leeser 2012  Missing verbal inflections as a representational problem: Evidence from self-paced readingLinguistic Approaches to Bilingualism 2:2, pp. 109–140 | Editorial
A continuing concern in second language acquisition (SLA) research is whether problems with inflectional morphology are representational or related somehow to performance. In this study, we examine 25 non-advanced learners of L2 Spanish and compare them with 18 native Spanish speakers on three… read more
VanPatten, Bill and Jill Jegerski 2010 Second language processing and parsing: The issuesResearch in Second Language Processing and Parsing, VanPatten, Bill and Jill Jegerski (eds.), pp. 3–24 | Article
VanPatten, Bill 2002 Communicative classrooms, processing instruction, and pedagogical normsPedagogical Norms for Second and Foreign Language Learning and Teaching: Studies in honour of Albert Valdman, Gass, Susan M., Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig, Sally Magnan Pierce and Joel Walz (eds.), pp. 105–118 | Article