Melissa E. Whatley

List of John Benjamins publications for which Melissa E. Whatley plays a role.


This study examines the variation between the preterit and present perfect among 43 learners studying abroad in Chile and Spain. We compared their results to those of 105 Spanish learners in the at-home university context to determine whether our learners approached regional norms or if they… read more | Chapter
The current study examines the combined effect of type and quantity of contact with the target language on the second language development of a variable structure, ‘subject pronoun expression’ in L2 Spanish. A written contextualized task and a language contact questionnaire were given to 26 second… read more | Article
Linford, Bret, Avizia Y. Long, Megan Solon, Melissa E. Whatley and Kimberly L. Geeslin †. 2016. Lexical frequency and subject expression in native and non-native Spanish: A closer look at independent and mediating effects. Spanish Language and Sociolinguistic Analysis, Sessarego, Sandro and Fernando Tejedo-Herrero (eds.), pp. 197–216
This paper investigates the effect of lexical frequency on third-person subject form variation by native and highly-advanced non-native speakers of Spanish. In line with previous research, verb tokens which represented 1% or more of the total tokens were categorized as frequent whereas all others… read more | Article