Numa Markee

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Subjects Discourse studies | Multilingualism | Pragmatics


Avoidance is one of the oldest strategies identified in cognitive second language acquisition. Since participants are hiding that they are avoiding using a particular item of language, behavioral methodologies that normally do not use introspection might seem ill-equipped to identify dissimulation.… read more
Markee, Numa 2024 Chapter 6. Conversation analysisLess Frequently Used Research Methodologies in Applied Linguistics, Riazi, A. Mehdi (ed.), pp. 83–110 | Chapter
This chapter introduces conversation analysis to researchers who are not familiar with this methodology for analyzing naturalistic language use and how it has been applied to develop behavioral alternatives to cognitive approaches to second language acquisition. Specifically, I: (1) review what CA… read more
Eskildsen, Søren W. and Numa Markee 2018 Chapter 4. L2 talk as social accomplishmentSpeaking in a Second Language, Alonso, Rosa Alonso (ed.), pp. 69–103 | Chapter
This position paper builds on ethnomethodological conversation analysis to make a number of interrelated, empirically derived claims about speaking a second language and learning to do it as a social endeavor. We will show that: (1) language is primarily action, that linguistic units are primarily… read more