Hassan Atifi

List of John Benjamins publications for which Hassan Atifi plays a role.


Atifi, Hassan and Michel Marcoccia 2020 Indirectness and effectiveness of requests in professional emails: A case studyThe Discourse of Indirectness: Cues, voices and functions, Livnat, Zohar, Pnina Shukrun-Nagar and Galia Hirsch (eds.), pp. 143–166 | Chapter
This chapter deals with the question: which strategies are used when formulating a request in a particular context – workplace – and with a specific means of communication (electronic mails). This research is based on a case study: the analysis of 60 emails sent over two days by three employees of… read more
Atifi, Hassan and Michel Marcoccia 2019 Ordinary people’s political discourse in old and new French media: Evolution and problemsThe Construction of ‘Ordinariness’ across Media Genres, Fetzer, Anita and Elda Weizman (eds.), pp. 237–267 | Chapter
This chapter deals with the evolution of ordinariness in French media by highlighting two phenomena: the emergence of a new form of ordinary discourse defined as ‘ordinary political discourse’, ordinary but also militant and/or expert, and the questioning of this ordinariness, sometimes denounced… read more
Atifi, Hassan and Michel Marcoccia 2015 Follow-ups and dialogue in online discussions on French politics: From Internet forums to social TVThe Dynamics of Political Discourse: Forms and functions of follow-ups, Fetzer, Anita, Elda Weizman and Lawrence N. Berlin (eds.), pp. 109–140 | Article
The Internet enables various genres of online political discussions. Two types can be distinguished according to the nature of the participants: discussions about politics between “ordinary citizens” and discussions between “citizens” and “professionals” (e.g., politicians, experts, journalists).… read more