Brechtje Post

List of John Benjamins publications for which Brechtje Post plays a role.


Post, Brechtje and Elinor Payne 2018 Chapter 7. Speech rhythm in development: What is the child acquiring?The Development of Prosody in First Language Acquisition, Prieto, Pilar and Núria Esteve-Gibert (eds.), pp. 125–143
Perception and production studies of speech rhythm development in infants and children paint a complex picture of a universal early perceptual sensitivity to – and production mastery of – cues to rhythm, while the rate of acquisition of rhythmic properties across and within languages appears to be… read more | Chapter
Post, Brechtje, Emmanuel A. Stamatakis, Iwo Bohr, Francis Nolan and Chris Cummins 2015 Categories and gradience in intonation: A functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging studyThe Phonetics–Phonology Interface: Representations and methodologies, Romero, Joaquín and María Riera (eds.), pp. 259–284
The Autosegmental-Metrical framework (AM) assumes that a distinction needs to be made between linguistic phonological information (categorical) and paralinguistic phonetic information (gradient) in intonation. However, empirical evidence supporting this assumption has proved to be elusive so far.… read more | Article
Accounts of French prosody have traditionally held that the grouping of words in an utterance, the distribution of accents within those groups, and the intonation contours that can be realized are closely intertwined. Recent proposals claim that these connections can be successfully formalized in… read more | Article